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Average SUV Carbon Offset (8000 Miles of Travel)
Average SUV Carbon Offset (8000 Miles of Travel)

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Model: Offset 8000 Miles of Travel (SUV)
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Average SUV Carbon Offset (8000 Miles of Travel)

Be a leader in the fight against climate change: offset your carbon footprint today!

By purchasing this Carbon Offset, you will be supporting:

The Truck Stop Electrification Project located in Arkansas, California, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and the New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project located  in Greater New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Project Description of the Truck Stop Electrification Project: supports the Truck Stop Electrification Project which reduces tailpipe emissions from freight trucks that transport our consumer goods all across the country. Long-haul truck drivers idle their trucks to heat or cool their cab and to power on-board appliances during the federally mandated 10 hour rest period for every 11 hours on the road. Engine idling creates poor resting conditions for the driver and fosters unhealthy conditions since a large number of trucks idle in close proximity. Idling also consumes fuel while moving no product, reduces engine life, and requires more frequent engine maintenance.

With this project, drivers can shut off their engines and utilize the advanced truck stop electrification technology. This system consists of an in-cab service module connected via a flexible hose to an efficient external unit that heats, cools, and powers the interior of the truck, and lets the driver run the radio and check email without forcing the engine to burn diesel while saving about a gallon of diesel per hour.
For more information about the Truck Stop Electrification Project, please click here.
Project Description of the New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project The New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project is a gas-to-energy plant which produces approx. 3.3 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity. This landfill gas, which includes methane and carbon dioxide, is collected from the landfill to fuel four reciprocating internal combustion engine-generators. With support from, the project not only produces power for the regional electricity grid, but also reduces the amount of methane released into our atmosphere. The destruction of methane from such projects is important in the fight against global climate change because methane is approximately 23 times more efficient as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. One of the real concerns about climate change is that as the frozen tundra of areas such as Siberia and Northern Canada melt, an enormous amount of methane - which was previously trapped in the permafrost - will be released into our atmosphere.
For more information about the New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, please click here.
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