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Pyramid Batch Composter
Pyramid Batch Composter

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Price: $189.99
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Model: ACHCMP06
Manufacturer: Achla Designs
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Gardeners have long understood the importance of composting. It provides an inexpensive way to convert kitchen scraps and garden waste into food for microorganisms.

Achla's Pyramid Batch Composter will help to enrich your your soil with healthy nutrients after you use it to create your own fertilizer!

Keep your lawn and garden enriched and cut down on home waste with the Achla Pyramid Batch Composter. This large bin holds your kitchen and garden scraps, allowing them to break down over time and create compost.

Place hay, straw, leaves, grass clippings, and fruit and vegetable scraps in this bin, along with enzymes or compost starters. Cover the bin with the included lid to protect the mixture.

The pyramid shape in the center of the lid helps water trickle into the mixture, keeping it moist to maintain enzymatic action.

The horizontal slats on each side of the bin allow air to circulate through the compost, and the bottom door lifts up for access to completed compost.

The black color retains heat to keep the compost cooking, and the plastic construction is enhanced with U.V. inhibitors to last for several seasons.

The unique design of this bin can create compost in as little as four weeks.

Recycle your yard and kitchen scraps using Achla's Pyramid Batch Composter.

Minimal assembly required, place on flat surface, constructed from rugged polyethylene.

UPC #: 719908326586

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