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Molderizer & Safe Shield Kit (4 oz.)
Molderizer & Safe Shield Kit (4 oz.)

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Model: Molderizer & Safe Shield Kit (4 oz.)
Manufacturer: My Cleaning Products
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This special package contains both the flagship formulations, Molderizer and Safe Shield.

Molderizer is an entirely organic solution to immediately remove mold, mildew, and soap scum. This commercial strength product deodorizes and cleans stains and removes mold and mildew faster and more effectively than bleach and any other cleaning product on the market guaranteed.

Safe Shield which is also included in this mold kit, offers the protection needed to prevent mold, mildew, and soap scum from coming back. While Safe Shield does clean very well, it is developed to purposely be the shielding application after you use Molderizer to kill and remove any dirt, mold, soap scum, and other bacteria in your home.

By using both together which you will receive in this special mold kit, you will have correctly attacked your mold and mildew problem. Using the Molderizer solution, you are employing a powerful cleaning solution that was originally developed  for commercial use only and now formulated to be used organically indoors and outdoors. The natural cleaning product formula is a powerful blend of natural ingredients to attack mold and mildew at the route of the problem. Also, the natural cleaning product will lighten and remove any hard to clean black mold and mildew stains.


* All Natural 100% Biodegradeable And Environmentally Safe - Powerful enough to prevent mold from amplifying and safe enough to apply without gloves and protective gear.
* Organic Clear Coat - Removes Mold, Mildew, Soap Scum, And Grunge Fast!
* Stronger Solution for All Types of Surfaces including Carpet Cleaning
* Totally Natural - No Harsh Fumes, No Chemicals, and No Bleach Only
* Natural Product to change DNA makeup of Black Mold to Prevent Black Mold from coming back
* Signed off by OCI chemist for authenticity with MSDS Recommended Mold Cleaning Kit of 2009 from OCI

Package Includes: 4 oz. Container of Molderizer and 4 oz. Container of Safe Shield

Molderizer & Safe Shield Can be Used On:

Indoors: All bathroom surfaces including polished, unpolished, and tumbled marble, travertine, saturnia, ceramic and porcelain tiles, awnings, fabric patio furniture and stucco.

Outdoors: Keystone, coral stone, pavers, cast stone, stamped concrete, patios, roof tiles, awnings, fabric patio furniture and stucco.

Developed and formulated to be a safe and powerful cleaning solution that reacts excellent with mold, mildew, and grunge. Does not contain any harsh chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and is environmentally safe.

Do Not Use Products On Natural Marble

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